Pomp & Circumstance


To My Granddaughter, Jamie

May 21, 2004

You did it, I knew you could !!
You did it, I knew you would !!
Today your life begins anew
You have many new things to do.

Through senior high and college too
You sat on your brains but you got through
Three years of work and you could see
What you wanted your lifetime career to be.

Then your brains found their place
Your choice was Law with tests to face
The rest of this story is history
Now you're a Lawyer with a degree.

Together we spent lots of time
From day one you were mine
Loveable, precocious right from the start
You crept in and stole my heart.

A prouder grandmother I could not be
Your graduation I am here to see
Your phone calls every night I'll miss
I close now with a hug and a kiss.

Love 'ya,    Mom-mom


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