"Happy Birthday"

( published May, 2003)


From Boston, my son Joseph with the assistance of my sister Joan and my niece Janis planned a surprise party for this special birthday ..... the party that I had many times stated that I didn"t want. He agreed!! He said that we would just go to dinner with 6 other family members. Left my home at 5:45 PM on Saturday, May 10th for a destination unknown to me. Arrived at Front and Market streets about 6:30 and proceeded to enter the "Panorama Penn Inn" for dinner. When I entered the dining room I was in total shock ..... through my tears I could not even recognize any of the 30 guests. Friends and family from near and far were in attendance. It was a wonderful night with wonderful food that left me in total shock but very happy. To everybody who made my day so special I say "thankyou" from the bottom of my heart. To my son, I say you are the best and I love you very much. These pictures were taken by both Joseph and my nephew Rick as everlasting memories of this unforgettable night.