He lived every day to the tune of

"Auld Lang Syne"

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( published August 8, 2000 )

Lifetime Friend

Bernie loved life!! In his eyes the world was always "rosy". He could see good in whomever he met and whatever he witnessed.

From his earliest childhood through his college years he retained and enjoyed many friendships. High school years were his most cherished memories. He was addicted to the people and to the orange and black colors that represented "his" school. He was a participant in the planning of all reunions, the 60th being in May 1999. These were always memorable times!

He was everybody"s friend and could be depended upon to help in any situation. To me, he was more than a lifetime friend, he was my constant companion. For fifty eight years we faced life together, weathering every problem and relishing every joy. The photo below was taken on February 12, 2000. This was the last time we were together for a celebration. This picture was taken at that time.



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