Together we reached those years between

"Sunrise Sunset"

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( published August 8, 2000 )

During World War II, Bernie served four years in the army. After seven years of marriage, a number of early miscarriages, eight months of bed rest, daily injections and twenty one hours of labor we finally became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. What a happy day! Everyone we knew celebrated with us and she was immediately put on a permanent pedestal. In my best interest I was advised against any future pregnancies. This is Our beautiful Susan.

Three years passed and we longed for another child. Against all medical advice I became pregnant. No special treatment this time. I was on my own! It was a difficult time with multiple medical problems. Exactly 3 years and 9 months to the day Susan had a baby brother and we were on "cloud 9". This is our handsome Joseph.

Raising children is a real challenge and we enjoyed every minute of it. This was our greatest accomplishment in life! As time passed we learned that these were truly our "golden years". Time just flew away and before we knew it our children were all grown up, out of college and on their own. When Susan announced that a little "dividend" was on the way we could not have been happier.

First came our beautiful Jamie ... precocious, loveable, rambunctious, unpredictable and a delightful bundle of joy!

Three years later our beautiful Stacey arrived. Unlike Jamie she was quiet, gentle and so very adorable. Their different personalities complemented each other. Another unbelievable delight had entered our lives. We now had two wonderful granddaughters.

These are the four "gems" who brought so much joy into our lives.


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