He sat behind the wheel of his

"Merry Oldsmobile"

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( published August 8, 2000 )


Expectations of enjoyment vary from person to person. Bernie had very simple expectations...he enjoyed everything no matter how insignificant.

All through the year, in both cold and hot weather, at 5:00 am he drank coffee on the terrace and enjoyed the wonders of the world. At 8:00 am it was time for exercise....three times a week walking and three times a week exercising in the Universal gym housed in our condo. He loved that gym! He was the caretaker and instructor for willing participants for over 23 years. Eating was a favorite pastime....9:00 am breakfast, lunch at 12:00, dinner about 5:00, (which always included a glass of red wine for health's sake) and then snacks following his evening nap. With the snacks came television and any sport he could find. There were very few things he did not eat. His favorite dessert was stale pound cake (6 days old) along with Breyer's chocolate ice cream. The following are some of his other favorites.


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