"Happy Birthday"         
To My Son, Joseph

November 2, 1973

Today my son you're twenty one
A grown up man you have become
Are you so free as it would seem
Or was this just another dream.

Your childhood days ceased long ago
The "teens" again you'll never know
That "nothing" year just flew away
Your adult life is here to stay.

As I reflect in retrospect
At time gone by and all it meant
I cannot help but wonder why
Those priceless years just hurried by.

Your time is now to think and know
The "road" to travel and where you'll go
No stopping to procrastinate
For in your hands doth lie your fate.

The life you choose, the things you do
Are now entirely up to you
Though what you do won't all be right
Make sure you keep your goal in sight.

The world is big and sometimes bleak
But there your future you must seek.
So many places you can roam
Some place out there to call your home.

I hope and pray for you, my son
When all your college days are done
The "road" you travel will make come true
All that is important to you.

....... may all your tomorrow's be golden!

Love always, Mother

   The years just flew as your life grew !  

November, 2002
Joe's Dinner
ABI Board Members Profile
Featured Speaker
Austria Vacation

November 2, 2003

You took the time to think and know
The road to travel and where to go
The field of law is what you craved
At Villanova you learned your trade.

Graduation and Judge Stern's clerk
Then later for a firm you worked.
It was there that Bankruptcy Law was found
And Family Law was no longer around.

The time came when you yearned to roam
You wanted a place to call your home.
A Boston firm came and took you away
It was there that you decided to stay.

With tears of joy we watched you leave
Finding it difficult not to grieve.
From future firms came practical knowledge
The kind that was not taught in college.

With a beautiful home and a Grand piano to play
You have established a nest in every way.
Your life has been filled with friends galore
But you still needed something more!

So, you launched your own firm just 3 years ago
Added a partner, more office space, the practice has grown.
You work very hard, there's so much you do
But your dreams are finally coming true.

A prouder "peacock" I could not be
All your accomplishments I'm here to see
Your phone calls make my very day
As your loving mother, what more can I say.

....... you are the sunshine of my life!