June, 2002


It is illegal for a doctor to release a patient's medical information to anyone except an assigned primary physician or a spouse. This information is private.

You have spent an inordinate amount of time critiquing my feelings rather than accepting the fact that I have been hurting for over two long years. The loss of your father changed my life forever. Have you no feeling or understanding of this loss and the devastation I have suffered both physically and mentally?

Your religious conversion is not the problem. As always, what you do is your decision so long as no one gets hurt in the process. The problem is that you used your new-found religion to support an anti-semitic cause. With all of the anti-semitism in the world and overt threats that have been made to the Jewish people, I thought that even you would know better than to first convert to another religion and then use that religion to affiliate with people who actively seek to exclude Jews from their lives. You deliberately destroyed everything my entire life and proud heritage stood for. With one sweep you eradicated me!! To a lesser degree, this compares to Hitler, Osama, Neo-Nazis, Klu Klux Klan and other anti-semitic groups. This is just another example of selfish gain. As I am sure you have learned from your new religion, the Ten Commandments direct that you honor your mother and father. By behaving the way you have over the course of years you have done neither.

There was a time in your life when you knew the true meaning of relationships and love. I have a number of letters from you, dating from 1968 through 1981, confirming that fact. During that period you felt you were the chosen child, not Joseph, and you had the most wonderful parents anyone could have. You wanted to be at least half as good a mother as you felt you had the good fortune to have. You failed! Somehow, your brain became scrambled and the new you was born. You know as well as I that an occassional dinner, gift or one-sided phone call bears no resemblance to love or relationships. Once since 1981 you showed you cared. You were there for me during my illness. For that caring, I thank you.

"Locking horns" is your definition of a response to inhuman mal-treatment imposed on us by you. As a single mother, if your behaviour had been like most single mothers, your children would have had a normal life through interaction with grandparents and family, you would have had unlimited assistance with them and you would have had time to resume a normal social life. A lawyer would not have been necessary. Your childrens minds would not have been poisoned and everyone would have benefitted. You managed to make every occasion that should have been happy a living nightmare.

I don't have to remind you of your father's tear filled eyes when we left Stacey's Sweet Sixteen because of the mal-treatment you dealt us. Maybe you need a reminder since you didn't have the courtesy to say goodbye. That night he called it quits. My mistake was not agreeing .. I could have avoided this disaster..

At age 79, my hope is for two more short years in order to fulfill my promise to Jamie and sit in the front row on graduation day .

Your father's favorite quote as seen on the "Final Chapter" of his web site accurately defines how different you and I are.


Your life is materialism; my life is caring, sharing and being there for all people.