July 10, 2000
Autopsy & Unveiling

Final Cause of Death: Bilateral Necrotizing Bronchopneumonia

The body is that of a well developed, well nourished white male appearing the stated age of 78 years and measuring 174 cm and weighing approximately 190 lbs. The hair is gray. The eyes are brown. The patient had been active and in good health until approximately three weeks previous to admission when he developed lower extremity pain on walking.

Aproximately 10 days prior to admission he began developing shortness of breath. Patient noted the onset of generalized swelling in his extremities at rest on 3/27/00. On admission 3/28/00, patient was found to have decreased appetite, diarrhea, a cough and proximal muscle weakness.

Additional Findings were: 1. Adenocarcinoma of the lung (<1cm in diameter, left apex) 2. Simple cysts in liver and kidney 3. Diverticulosis 4. Ischemic Bowel

The bronchopneumonia was probably exacerbated by his accidental aspiration of feed tube, although evidence of aspiration pneumonia was present shortly after admission, and post-mortem sections showed organization. Previous aspiration could have been facilitated by his oropharyngeal dysfunction, the cause of which remains unclear.

The wide range of findings presented in this patient are consistent with Eaton- Lambert Syndrome (also called Lambert-Eaton or Myasthenic Syndrome) is an autoimmune disorder which involves antibodies to voltage-grated calcium channels. The disorder is strongly associated with small cell carcinoma of the left lung. Although the carcinoma found in the patient's lung was vey small, it was in the apex lying dormant. Once it attacks the muscles it is difficult to diagnose or cure due to its rapid progression.

This report arrived exactly 3 months to the date of death.

The un-veiling for your father will take place Sunday, September 24th at 11:30 am.....Mount Jacob Cemetery in Glenolden