( published May, 2002 )   
(updated January, 2006)

Looking for gifs!! You have come to the right place. These gifs represent a variety of subjects. They are easy to transload to both PC's and Webtv's. They are free for personal use only. Enjoy!

Over the years, I borrowed the majority of gifs while surfing the internet. Some sites are now non-existent but the active ones can be found by going to my "Favorite Links" page. The selected graphics are those that I found to be most interesting and useful. If any of these have a copyright, E-mail me and the removal will be immediate.

Misc.Whimsicals-1 Fruit & Veggies
Misc.Whimsicals-2 Bars/Lines-Animals
Whimsical People Bars/Lines-Floral
Kitty-Kats Bars/Lines/Dividers-1
Doggies Bars/Lines/Dividers-2
Web Site Zoo Backgrounds-1
Bloomin' Plants Backgrounds-2
Gone Fishing Edibles
Birdies This n' That
Off to Work Holidays-1
TimeOut Holidays-2
Pride & Joy Favorite Links
Playtime Web Rings
Patriotic Awards
Cakes & Pies Between the Dash
Meat & Fish Let's Cook
Breast Cancer ...



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