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( published August 8, 2000 )
( updated January, 2006 )

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Between the Dash


of animated gifs and text that take you on an unusual journey into a remarkable man's life who

derived endless joy from helping the less fortunate and those in need of personal care.

Bernard D. Bodoff - Between the Dash

His "Fight" For Sight - eyes

The Gardener - flowers

The Gardener - fruit & veggies

Furry Friends - dogs

Furry Friends - favorite animals

Fins - beautiful fish

Feathers - birds

Simple Pleasures - food

Simple Pleasures - sports & games

Uncle Bernie - babies

Uncle Bernie - tots & teens

Lifetime Friend - reunion

First Class Friend - people

The Joy of Life - children

Final Chapter

Favorite Links

Web Rings

Awards - page 1

Awards - page 2

Awards - page 3

Web Site - Let's Cook

Web Site - Gifs 4U

Web Site - Iraqi Freedom

(Party} -  "Who - - Me 80"

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These gifs do not belong to me. They belong to the many talented people who developed them. By surfing the web I located everything for my Web Site and I thank everyone for generously supplying them. However, if any of these are copyrighted please let me know and they will be removed immediately.